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Tips for Successful Real Estate Blogging

Writing quality blogs is one way to get connected to your past and new clients. It is also a good way to maintain an online presence.  You will gain new followers and eventually new prospects when people start going to your website to read your articles. Because of this, you are starting to make yourself an authority in the real estate’s industry.

So how do you write successful blogs? Read the following tips:

  1. Write Q&A’s

Think of what people in the real estates would you usually ask. Consider all the players in the industry- the buyers, sellers, agents, and brokers. Create a checklist of many concerns of all the people in the industry, no matter how trivial the answers might be. People want to identify the problems that they have with the questions you have and what are the common solutions to their concerns.

  1. Use video content to engage readers

By utilizing video content to further engage your readers, you’re increasing the time a visitor spends on your website. The more a user remains on your website, the higher the average time per user will be. Having a high average time on a page is a great indicator to Google and other search engines that your website is useful for readers and visitors. This will help with your SEO in the long-term as well. There are many video production companies out there that will produce engaging brand videos for you. However, if you’re still on a budget, you can try the DIY approach to at least start off.



  1. Discuss one topic per article

Understanding the real estates is already a complicated task. Don’t feed to much information to your readers in one article. Break down the hot topic per issue it presents.  Discuss each issue using more familiar terms. Always remember that your readers can come from different educational and professional background. You don’t want to use slang and jargon terms that only you and the canyon fairways luxury homes veterans can understand.

  1. Bring a guest writer

You can’t pretend to be all-knowing about the topics in the real estates. It will be a good idea to collaborate with another blogger who knows more about the topic that you are going to discuss. For instance, if your topic is about how to qualify for a mortgage, you can ask a mortgage broker to help explain to your readers how they can be approved for a mortgage with better terms. To extend your network, you can ask your guest to post the same article on his blog, if he has one.

  1. Promote your blog

Your article should not only be published in your blogspot. You can use other platforms to disseminate it. Since many people are using Facebook, Google Plus, Twitters, and LinkedIn, you can embed your posts to these social media sites to increase readership. If your readers like what they read, it will be easy for them to share your blog on their social media pages as well. This means that the world of mouth comes easy because of your blog.

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